How are the bSELF multipliers calculated?

You may notice that you get different bSELF boost multipliers when staking in different farms.

That's because bSELF - Farm Boosters multipliers are calculated using the following metrics upon activation or refresh:

  • userLpStakedAmount : The number of LP tokens you are staking in the farm

  • totalLpStakedAmount : The total number of LP tokens in the farm

  • userLockedAmount : The number of SELF you are staking in the fixed-term staking SELF pool

  • userLockedDuration : The staking duration of your fixed-term staking position

  • totalLockedAmount : The total number of locked SELF in the fixed-term staking SELF pool

  • averageLockedDuration : The average staking duration of the fixed-term staking SELF pool

The multiplier is calculated using the following method:

  1. resultA = constantA * userLpStakedAmount

  2. resultB = (totalLpStakedAmount * userLockedAmount * userLockedDuration / constantB) / (totalLockedAmount * averageLockedDuration)

  3. boostMultiplier = min(userLpStakedAmount, (resultA + resultB)) / resultA

constantA and constantB are set by the kitchen and subject to future adjustments based on community feedback and market condition.

Here are some examples of the calculation:


The more LP you want to boost

The more SELF you need to lock for longer durations

Why do my multipliers change even after activation?

Please note that any user actions to the farms or SELF staking pool will automatically update your boost multiplier based on the latest data and statistics from farms and the SELF staking pool, including but not limited to:

  • Stake/Unstake LP tokens to/from Farm

  • Harvest SELF rewards from Farm

  • Extend your SELF staking duration

  • Add more SELF into your fixed-term staking position

  • Convert your SELF staking position to flexible

Please note:

In order to ensure fairness and prevent potential abuse and cheating using out-of-date data. Farm booster is designed to be community governance. Therefore, anyone can call refresh(address _user, uint256 _pid) function on the farm booster contract (link) to refresh anyone's boost multipliers using the latest data.

Where are my SELF rewards after activating or unsetting the booster?

While farming with bSELF - Farm Boosters, some of your harvested SELF rewards may be temporally stored in the farm booster contract. Whenever this happens, you will see a dotted line under your "SELF EARNED", indicating that apart from the number shown, you have more SELF rewards in the farm booster contract.

This part of the SELF rewards will be automatically sent to your wallet upon the next harvest, deposit or withdrawal.

To harvest them right now, simply click the "Harvest" button.

To check the number of extra rewards in the farm booster contract, hover or long-press the number with the dotted line.

Why I'm not able to boost a farm

  1. Make sure you've completed the one-time setup.

  2. Due to the involvement of multiple contracts, some of the contract interactions require slightly more gas tokens (BNB). So please make sure you have enough BNB in your wallet.

What is the maximum bSELF Boost Multiplier I can get?

Currently, the maximum boost a user can get for a farm booster is 2x. Which offers them double the baseline APRs.

How can I increase my bSELF Boost Multipliers?

  • Add more SELF into the fixed-term staking position

  • Extend the duration of your fixed-term staking position

Simply put:

Stake more SELF, stake for longer

Learn more about how the bSELF boost multipliers are calculated.

Where are the extra boosted SELF rewards coming from?

Relax, no extra emissions are allocated in order to make bSELF possible.

Similar to fixed-term SELF staking. bSELF boosts individual users' share against the others.

Even though the baseline APR may drop after the deployment of bSELF. Chefs believe it is a good tradeoff as it not only benefits loyal SELF lovers by boosting their farming yield, but also creates more demand for SELF and serves as a great incentive for SELF staking.

Why the gas usage is high when enabling farm booster for the first time?

To enable bSELF - farm booster, users must set up a proxy wallet address, which requires deploying a new contract. This process is relatively gas heavy. (around $2~5 based on the BNB price and the condition of the blockchain)

However, the setup process is one-time-only for each wallet address. You only need to perform it once.

Why the multiplier I receive is low?

bSELF - farm booster works in a way by evaluating both your fixed-term SELF staking position and your liquidity farming position. Simply put:

If users want to boost more LP tokens in farm, they will need to lock more SELF for longer durations in pool.

This design ensures the benefits are not only offered to large holders, but to any user who has a sizable SELF staking position when compared to the farming position.

Learn more about how the multiplier is calculated here.

Why only SELF/BUSD? Why only 1 farm?

Since bSELF involves updating one of SMBSwap's core products, which is liquidity farming. Chefs want to take a slower and more steady approach to the launch.

Therefore, in the initial product release phase. Many of the parameters are very conservative. Including the number of farms users can boost, which farm users can boost, as well as the difficulty parameter in receiving the boost multiplier.

After the initial release phase, Chefs will adjust the parameters based on the community feedback.

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