Connect Your Wallet to SMBSwap

Before connecting your wallet to SMBSwap, be sure you have enough BNB to cover your transaction fees (aka gas). You'll need gas to approve tokens for trade as well as make individual trades. Gas prices vary, but you can check network fees in real time by checking the bscscan Gas Tracker.

Now that you've created your wallet and made sure you have BNB in that wallet, all you need to do is connect your to SMBSwap and you'll be ready to trade!

Check out the steps below for how to connect each of our recommended wallets to SMBSwap .

Connecting via Mobile Wallet

To connect Trust Wallet follow the steps below. Note that Android and iOS devices do not use the same steps!


  1. Open Trust Wallet and tap the DApps button on the bottom of the screen.

  1. Search and tap on "SMBSwap".

  1. A new page will open with the SMBSwap logo and some information. Tap the Connect button.

  1. SMBSwap will open up. If you see a Connect button in the top-right tap that and tap Trust Wallet from the list.

If you find you are unable to connect at step 4, go back to the DApps menu and find "SMBSwap" again. Using "SMB Swap" from the "History" section may result in the same problem.


Download Trust Wallet (Automatically detects device) Trust Wallet Setup Guide

Connecting via Desktop Wallet

To connect MetaMask to SMBSwap follow the steps below:

  1. In your preferred browser, navigate to

You are now ready to trade on SMBSwap!

Download MetaMask (Automatically detects browser)

It is always good practice to disconnect your wallet (logout) from the SMBSwap website when you have completed your transactions.

Remember: Under no circumstance should you ever give someone your private key or recovery phrases.

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