Migrate Your Stakings

Migrate your farms and pools staking to the new SMBSwap MasterChef

In order to keep earning staking rewards, you will need to migrate your farms and pools staking to the new MasterChef. Relax, it's gonna be easy.

But wait! Do I need to migrate?

You need to migrate if you are:

  • Farming on SMBSwap Farms.

  • Staking in SMBSwap SELF Made Pools (Manual, Auto).

*other Made Pools aren’t affected

How To Migrate

1. Navigate to the migration helper

Go to https://smbswap.finance/migration, and connect your wallet.

2. Unstake from the old farms

There are two steps in the migration helper. In the first step, you should see a list of SELF Made Pools and farms you are currently staking.

Click "Unstake All" on each of the farms and pools to unstake all your assets.

After unstaking, click "Go to Stake" to proceed to step 3.

3. Stake your LP tokens and SELF into the new farms and pools.

Here you should see the brand new SELF Made pool and the new farms. Before staking, you will need to enable them.

Click "Enable" to enable staking on each of the farms and the SELF Made pool. If you are using a mobile device, please click the β€œv” (downward arrow) to expand the card while looking for the "Enable" button.

After enabling, you will be able to start staking in the pool and farms.

For SELF Made pool. Please:

  1. Click "Flexible" under the "Stake SELF" section.

  2. Enter the amount of SELF you want to stake.

  3. Click "Confirm".

The locked (fixed-term) staking option will become available a few days after the migration. You will be able to convert your flexible staking position to a locked one. To learn more about the new SELF syrup pool with fixed-term staking, please check out this doc.

4. Done!

You are now staking in the new MasterChef and continue earning SEKF rewards! Click "Finish" to go back and explore some other great products SMBSwap offers.


When will it finish?

Migration will take several hours, but it should be totally finished upon the launch of the migration helper page. Follow our Discord announcement channel for the latest updates!

When must I migrate?

  1. You will be able to migrate at any time. There’s no time limit.

  2. It’s better to migrate sooner so you can continue to earn rewards from farms and pools.

I don’t see the migration helper!

It will only be deployed once smart contract deployments and configurations are completed. It could take serval hours. Follow our Discord announcement channel for the latest updates!

Why lock staking is not available?

To achieve a smooth migration, lock (fixed-term) staking will be enabled a few days after the migrations.

I can't find my farms in the migration helper!

It might be due to the farm being discontinued before the migration. Please:

  1. Go to Farms.

  2. Choose β€œFinished” at the top of the farm list.

  3. Click β€œCheck out v1 farms” to look for your farm.

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