How to trade using Smart Router

Trading on the Smart Router

Smart Router is enabled by default on the swap page. It is similar to using the existing SMBSwap AMM.

Before starting, it requires a BNB Chain-compatible wallet and BNB for gas fees. Please check our wallet guide for more details.

  1. Go to the swap page here.

  2. Choose the token pairs you would like to trade. At launch, only exact input is accepted for Smart Router due to slippage concerns.

  3. Enter the value of the tokens you wish to trade. Check the β€œUse StableSwap for better fees” box.

  4. Check the new route using the icon in the route field on the bottom row. You're all set! The following swap process is the same as usual. If it’s your first time trading please check the guide here.

Turning off Smart Router

Disabling the smart router routes all trades via V2 paths. Stableswap pairs will not be enabled.

  1. Hit the Settings icon on the top right of the swap menu.

  2. Disable Smart Router on the pop-up that appears.

  3. Close Settings Page.

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