Smart Router

SMBSwap Smart Router is a routing algorithm that links the AMM and stableswap to provide better liquidity and pricing. It uses a smart order routing algorithm that executes trades across multiple pools to find the best price for traders. For more information on StableSwap click here.
The Kitchen will gradually roll out StableSwap pairs to further test and improve the product.

Why should I use the Smart Router for my AMM swaps?

  • Swap your stablecoins or other pairs with similar asset prices more efficiently with the same trade steps.
  • With the StableSwap function, the trading slippage is lower than normal AMM.
  • The StableSwap trading fees are lower compared to the normal AMM.

Still Cooking

  • Better UI on output.
  • Split routes for more efficient trades. Eg. Router sends 50% of pair to a different route to save fees depending on the trade size and liquidity.
  • Include MM-linked pools for route calculation.